It’s an Attack!

I’m a naughty Web page trying to infect you with badware!

OK, not really, but Attack Sites (also known as malware or badware) can attack your computer without you even realizing it. These attacks can steal your personal information, damage your computer or use your system to attack others. Sometimes a site you trust can be turned into an Attack Site without the owner's knowledge. Firefox provides built-in Phishing and Malware Protection to help you avoid Attack Sites. If you are using Firefox 30 or later, you should have been warned to stay away from this page.

You can help make yourself safer from Attack Sites by:
  • not downloading software from sites you don't trust even if they claim it is required; if a site says that a plugin is necessary, go directly to the plugin vendor's Web site instead;
  • keeping your system up to date by applying security updates promptly for Firefox and other applications, as well as your computer's operating system;
  • not opening email attachments from people you don't know even when they appear to be harmless things like screensavers or videos.