It’s a Trap!

Boo! I’m a naughty Web page trying to steal your identity!

OK, not really, but Web forgeries (also known as phishing pages) are out there on the Internet, and you should always use caution before giving your personal information to a Web page. Firefox provides built-in Phishing Protection to help you identify Web forgeries. If you're using Firefox 30 or later, you should have been warned to stay away from this page.

You can also make yourself safe from Web forgeries by:
  • not following links from your e-mail to banks or online commerce sites; instead, use your bookmarks or type in the Web page address by hand;
  • using the Firefox Password Manager to remember your passwords instead of entering them manually;
  • using an e-mail product like Mozilla Thunderbird, which detects and alerts you when it finds links to Web forgeries in your e-mail.